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Master Classes


I come from both a performing side of the business as well as a composing side of the business and I will not only be focusing on the performance aspect of your song, but on the musical aspect of your songs as well. I will help give you a better understanding of why the music is written a certain way to support the character and coincide with the lyrics of the story. Music is never written as mindless background noise. It's there for a reason and having an understanding of why it moves and flows the way it does can only enhance your knowledge of the piece and your performance all together.


You want to go, folks! This was such an amazing experience and the work that is done in this small amount of time is the most encouraging and influential... you can’t get anything better in NYC!
— Ashley Greer
It was really great to hear you speak about the motives within the music. It’s not very often that you get the chance to hear a perspective from both a writer and a performer which is why I felt is was an extremely unique class; One that I would love to attend again!
— Jenna Schoen
You are amazing!! Thank you for all the help!!! Looking forward to picking your brain and spending some more time with you coming up!! The masterclass was VERY helpful, and I really enjoyed all of it!
— Emily Mechler
A very eye opening, once in a lifetime, experience! I had a blast! I learned a lot about myself and the performer I want to be. It really was a profound experience and I had to sit with it over the following week to even process everything.
— Marlo Dicrasto